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Memorial Tree honors lasting contributions of colleagues
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Memorial Tree honors lasting contributions of colleagues

By Staff Reports on May 21, 2022

For two years, communities haven’t been able to gather as they once did.

“It has been hard,” said the Rev. Carson Rogerson III, director of chaplaincy and pastoral education for Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. “We haven’t been able to do as much gathering; it has been really hard to share our stories and encourage one another.”

On May 19, for the first time since 2019, Spartanburg Regional held the Memorial Tree Ceremony of Remembrance, which honors and remembers those who worked in the healthcare system and have passed away during the previous year. This year’s ceremony included two services to remember those who died in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Located in the main lobby of Spartanburg Medical Center, the Memorial Tree is an emblem of community, a touching display affixed with engraved leaves of honorees’ names. It is also a reminder, Rogerson said.

“It does remind us that what we do has significant value and a lasting contribution that continues to be felt upon by the work of the folks who are here now,” Rogerson said.

The event was held in the Spartanburg Medical Center chapel, followed by a viewing of the Memorial Tree with the newly engraved leaves.

The Memorial Tree Ceremony began in 2013 as a way to recognize long-term employees.

“It was very obvious from the first experience that this was something people needed,” Rogerson said. “It was a way to acknowledge those folks who had contributed so much to the care of our patients, as well as to the connections we have with the community.”

Rogerson said being back together to honor associates was a special time.

“For two-and-a-half years we’ve been struggling,” he said. “We are grateful that the numbers are down so that we can continue this appreciation, celebration and remembrance.”

Those remembered with the Memorial Tree this year include:

Tamara Arndt

James (Rob) Ashmore II

Lucille Barksdale

George “Rusty” Bethea

Barbara Black

Dr. Henry Butehorn Jr.

Cathy Bailey

Jane Boiter

Perry Wyman Cantrell

Robert Allen Cantrell

Sarah Caron

Brenda Cash

Jerry Casey

Geraldine “Ms. Geri” Clark

Oliver Clark – Pet Therapy

Margaret “Marge” Conlon

Peaches Crawford – Pet Therapy

Shakeliah C. Dewberry

John Perry Dodd

Elaine McNeely Dotherow

Susan Ebert

Katie Emmerth

Carolyn West Eubanks

James Jimmy Forbis

Dr. Michael Funderburk

Dr. John Joseph Gallagher

Emma Marie George

Kenneth Hall

Houston Miles Hallberg

Mary Harris

Janice Herndon

Vera Thomason Israel

Jerome Arthur James

Dr. Julian Josey

Dr. Henry G. Kelly Jr.

Dr. Andras Koser

Madeline Rene Lawter

Sonya Lipscomb         

Larry A. “Luke” McElrath

Jackalon Lee Mattison

Rosa Marlene Mayfield

Mary Burnett Mills

Annette Mizzell

Dr. William A. Morris

Dr. David Mullins

Patricia Nichols

Luther “Allen” Pendergrass

Mamie K. Pilgrim

Norma Sue Pitts

Faye E. Pruitt

Catherin Seaberg

Shirley Sellars

Dr. Garrett Snipes

Barbara Stauffer

Willie Stephens

Elizabeth “Betty” Bean Warlick

Charles “Nick” Wood

Nancy K. Worley

Pricilla Tanner Wydeman

Thomas “Tommy” R. Young III